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Florence Copper Community Foundation


Mikel Smothermon
Position: Secretary

After graduating from Miami University of Ohio with a B.A. in Anthropology, Mikel Smothermon moved into the area of Florence in 2007. Mikel continued his career in the restaurant business until 2012 when he turned to a new path as a contractor working with the Florence Copper.

In 2018 Mikel joined the Florence Copper environmental team. Mikel acts as a support member to the Environmental Response Team as well as technical support in the current Process Test Facility and its associated wellfield. Mikel uses his background to coordinate the NHPA Section 106 process and its compliance. He also serves as a member of the site tour team.

In his spare time, Mikel raises his three children with his wife Beckie and leads an active social group of tabletop and board game enthusiasts.

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